Back Pain Treatment Preston

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Back pain is a super common reason people visit health professionals. It affects most people throughout their lives and can significantly reduce quality of life.

Back pain can start abruptly or it can be a progressive and debilitating condition. Often the condition fluctuates but sometimes becomes a consistent pain.

Often back pain, when severe, can affect other joints. Often more than one area of the body can be involved in people’s presentation of back pain ie. posture changes/compensations due to pain.

low back pain [suburb]
[suburb] back pain

You may experience:

  • decreased flexibility
  • pain on movement
  • pelvic dysfunction that may involve a leg length discrepancy
  • sciatica
  • knee
  • ankle and foot pain

Looking for assistance with back pain near [suburb]?

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Joints, muscles and nerves surrounding the spine can all be affected by your simple day to day activities like:

  • work environments
  • weakness or stiffness and in some cases;
  • fear surrounding progression of pain

Back pain can be complicated by posture, repetitive strains, previous history of injuries and impact trauma like a motor vehicle accident or a sports injury.

If you experience back pain near Preston, you may feel dull, sharp or burning pain, some people may experience a referral into the chest or legs, some may experience numbness or tingling. These symptoms may be on/off or constant, they can be experienced throughout your lifespan.

Back pain can have a significant impact on all aspects of life including:

  • daily activities
  • family life
  • work, recreation and social activities

But there’s a lot you and your healthcare team can do to deal with back pain so you can get on with life.

back pain [suburb]
[suburb] low back pain

Chiropractic treatment can help reduce pain and improve mobility with a series of strategies, this will include:

  • spinal adjustments
  • soft tissue therapy
  • joint mobilisation
  • exercise and strengthening rehab

Our chiropractors can also help with neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines.