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Complete and Trustworthy Neck Pain Treatment in Melbourne

Any pain felt in the head, shoulders, or along the cervical spine can be referred to as neck pain. Neck pain is a major musculoskeletal disorder that accounts for 16.7 – 75.1% of the adult population across the world. The condition has a complex etiology and stems from a variety of different conditions; physical, behavioural, and psychological.

Many people experience neck pain to a certain extent when caused by issues relating to poor posture or overuse. However, chronic neck pain can last longer than 3 months and prove to be debilitating for some.

Neck pain can range in severity throughout time, some causes of neck pain will relate back to individual trauma today or in the past. Micro traumas – these are the seemingly invisible traumas that definitely add up, caused by the BAD HABITS that have been habituated into our lifestyle, such as:

  • Postural stressors
  • Sitting – long periods of time – some people like to say that sitting is the new smoking
  • Monitors – spend too much time in front of monitors, TV, Computer
  • phones/texting – phones/tablets etc
  • Gaming – hours

So, if this sounds familiar, contact us today to find out more about neck pain treatment Melbourne residents can access through us here at Northside Chiropractic.

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Side Effects Of Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur at any age and can present in a variety of ways. Mild or continuous pain in the neck may present with the following additional symptoms:

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Pain in the neck can often prevent us from carrying out simple daily tasks. Contact us today to find out how we can bring you back to comfort.

What Neck Pain Treatments are Available?

Pain in the neck can be treated using conservative methods such as medication (anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, and painkillers) and plenty of rest. People have found chiropractic techniques especially helpful in alleviating neck pain and stiffness,

Our specialists are able to give you treatment plans which include a series of strengthening exercises and spinal alignment designed to alleviate pain, stress, and stiffness.

Our team can arrange a fully functional, postural, neurological assessment. We can create an individual plan based on the results and individual goals of the patient

If your case isn’t the right fit, we can refer you to an appropriate specialist within the community.

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Spinal manipulation is a fantastic tool that helps reposition certain elements of your spine and rid you of pain.

Chiropractic Remedies for Neck Pain

Chiropractic treatment can help reduce pain and improve mobility using a combination of techniques such as spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and the others listed below:

  • spinal adjustments – using a gentle thrusting technique, we will be able to restore joint movement and release muscle tension.

  • soft tissue therapy – using special instruments can help us pinpoint the location of your pain and relax the tense muscles.
  • joint mobilisation – we provide a comprehensive physiotherapy exercise regime to target your pain.
  • exercise and strengthening rehab – by using a combination of chiropractic techniques and exercises, we can help find the root of your chronic pain and give you a long-lasting solution.

Following your physical assessment with one of our chiropractors in Thornbury, they will suggest the technique to be used best suited to your presentations if certain trigger points are identified. The treatments offered can not only alleviate pain in your neck but also help with back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and migraines.

Why Choose Northside Chiropractic as your Neck Pain Chiropractor

If you are tired of suffering from constant pain in your neck, back, head, or anywhere else in your body, then you can rely on the Northside Chiropractic team. Our main chiropractors are Dr Lenče Veljanoska and Dr Lachlan Dean, both of which are certified chiropractors with a keen interest in managing musculoskeletal pain using their knowledge of our spinal anatomy.

Both our specialists are five-year-university trained and follow a patient-centred, multimodal approach when treating patients. If you, or a loved one, are suffering from persistent pain in your neck, then be sure to contact us at your soonest convenience to see how we can help.


Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding chiropractic care treatment for the neck are answered below.

Who gets neck pain?

Pain in the neck can occur in anyone, regardless of age. It can occur through forced trauma such as an accident, nerve damage as a result of an infection or misplacement of a spinal disc, and psychological causes.

Is neck pain serious?

Pain in the neck can be serious if it is severe. Additionally, it can also be a symptom of bacterial meningitis, a life-threatening condition.

Can neck pain be cured?

It can be cured depending on the origin of the pain. Our team will devise the most appropriate treatment plans for you to ensure we tackle the root of the cause. Neck pain can be managed well with treatment and recommended exercises.

How do I get neck pain relief?

You can try conservative methods using over-the-counter painkillers, rest, meditation, or turn to a chiropractor. Long term use of medications is not recommended by any health professional.

Do stress and anxiety cause neck pain?

When stressed or anxious, our body tends to tense and cause a stiff neck. If sustained long enough, the neck can become painful.

Can my pillow cause neck pain?

A pillow that lacks neck support can cause pain in the neck.

How can I permanently relieve neck pain?

Depending on the origin of your pain, a permanent solution may be as easy as reducing stress and carrying out regular exercises. For more severe cases, surgery may be required.

Which specialist is best for neck pain?

The best-specialised doctor for pain in the neck or spine is a neurologist.