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Posture Correction Heidelberg by Northside Chiropractors

Are you one of the many Australians in Heidelberg that suffer from poor posture? Dysfunctional movement and compensation patterns are common side effects of poor posture and can contribute to back and neck pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders and a potbelly. Without effective treatment, it can heavily impact your lifestyle.

Northside Chiropractic can assist you with a range of strategies, including spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy and joint mobilisation if you require posture correction in Heidelberg. Contact us today to book an appointment so that we can help improve your posture.

Effects of poor posture

Your posture determines how well your body adapts to the stresses it experiences day-to-day and so at our Heidelberg clinic we look at your posture as the foundation of every movement your body makes. Carrying excess weight, sitting or standing in an awkward position and even gravity can cause poor posture.

If you maintain poor posture the following may happen:

  • Muscles work harder to keep you upright
  • Leads to inhibition from some muscles
  • Other muscles become tight and inflexible
  • Inflict extra wear and tear on joints and ligaments
  • Increases the likelihood of accidental injuries
  • Organs like your lungs can become less efficient – bad posture compresses your abdomen, limiting the expansion of the lungs
  • Reduced expansion means significantly reduced lung capacity and therefore smaller intake of oxygen to the body

Without the correct posture treatment, you’re likely to suffer from shoulder, neck and back pain.

Chiropractic Posture Correction in Heidelberg

Poor posture can put a great deal of stress on your whole body and serious strain on your muscles. To prevent this from happening we offer a number of different treatments options for correcting posture in Heidelberg:

Spinal Adjustments

Improve your spine alignment to give you fast and effective relief. Our specialists will use their hands or a specifically designed small instrument to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint to correct any misalignments.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. It is used to treat and alleviate musculoskeletal pain, as well as improve body flexibility, strength and wellness.

Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is a form of manual therapy designed to relieve muscle pain and tension or improve the mobility of a joint.

Why choose us to be your posture corrector in Heidelberg

At Northside Chiropractors we believe that when we work together with you, we can achieve the best results. That’s why we provide you with a custom care plan and all the information you need, to ensure that your posture remains appropriately positioned and you minimize the chances of reverting to bad habits.

Meet Your Heidelberg Chiropractors

Below you can find out some more information about our amazing team of specialist chiropractors:

Dr Lenče Veljanoska

Northside Chiropractic is Lenče’s passion. Being a northern suburb native, she loves that it provides her with the opportunity to give back to the community that gave her so much growing up. She completed her Chiropractic degree at RMIT University where she founded the RMIT Student Neurology Club and was the vice-president of the RMIT Chiropractic Students Association for 2 years running.

Dr Lence Veljanoska
Lachlan Deane

Dr Lachlan Deane

Lachlan also completed his chiropractic studies at RMIT University after obtaining a diploma in Remedial Massage and Level 1 Dry Needling and Cupping. He prides himself on tailoring all of his treatments to each individual patient because he knows no two people are the same. A keen sportsman,  Lachlan has a special interest in Sports Chiropractors and treating sporting-related injuries.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions about our chiropractic posture correction in Heidelberg. In the meantime, you can find our most frequently asked questions below, which may also provide you with the additional information you’re looking for. 

How can I improve my posture?

A combination of awareness, treatment and corrective exercises can significantly improve your posture.

Is it too late to fix my posture?

It’s never too late to improve your posture. With the help of a number of safe, yet powerful chiropractic techniques, you can go a long way toward fixing your posture.

How do I know if I have good or bad posture?

When you stand up straight, both your upper and lower back should be straight and your hips should be in good alignment with your shoulders and knees. Our experts will be able to confirm if you have good or bad posture.

My back aches when I sit for a long time, does that mean I have bad posture?

Sitting in a slouched or hunched-over position can put significant strain on your back. When the position is maintained for an extended period of time it can lead to backaches.

Do I have to keep my back straight all the time to have good posture?

The position of your spine is key to good posture. Correct posture should maintain the three natural curves of your spine (neck, mid-back, lower back) but not increase them.