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Posture Thornbury

Posture is the way that the body supports muscle tension against gravity.

Dysfunctional movement and compensation patterns are common with poor posture and can contribute to back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders and a potbelly.

Associated conditions include:

  • Forward head posture
  • Hump at the base of the neck (dowager’s hump)
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Increased mid back curve (hyperkyphosis)
  • Tilted pelvis (forward/backward relative to spine)
  • General pain
 Posture Thornbury
Good Posture Thornbury

At northside chiropractic we look at your posture as the foundation of every movement your body makes. Your posture determines how well your body adapts to the stresses it experiences day to day.

For example:

  • carrying weight
  • sitting/standing in an awkward position & gravity!

When we have poor posture, our muscles work harder to keep you upright. You’ll experience inhibition from some muscles while other muscles will become tight and inflexible.

Over time you can expect these dysfunctional adaptations to impair your body’s ability to deal with the forces braced upon it from everyday living.

Poor posture is likely to inflict extra wear and tear on joints and ligaments, increases the likelihood of accidents and can make organs like your lungs less efficient.

Bad Posture Thornbury
Posture Treatment Thornbury

Poor posture can be linked to

  • scoliosis
  • tension headaches
  • and back pain (not exclusive cause).

Poor posture can even influence your emotional state and sensitivity to pain.

How can I improve my posture?